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The Postgraduate Experience Award - School of Education 'Buddy Up' Peer Mentors

Peer Mentoring at St Lukes: Fostering Support and Community

At St Lukes, our Peer Mentoring program is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all postgraduate students. As an experienced mentor in the 'Buddy Up Scheme,' I have had the privilege of guiding and supporting a diverse group of students through their academic journeys.

Key Features of Our Peer Mentoring Program:
  • Comprehensive Support: Our mentoring approach addresses both academic and pastoral needs, providing holistic support to students.
  • Community Engagement: We organize social events and activities to foster a sense of belonging and community among mentees.
  • Individual Guidance: Personalized one-on-one sessions are available, offering tailored advice and support to each student.
  • Open Communication: We maintain an open line of communication through dedicated Teams chat groups, ensuring that mentees can reach out anytime.
  • Empathy and Inclusivity: Our mentors are trained to be empathetic and inclusive, recognizing and respecting the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students.

Achievements and Impact:
  • Award-Winning Program: Our efforts have been recognized with awards from the Student Guild and university peer mentoring office.
  • Growing Community: The PAFs (Postgraduate Researchers and Families) group, initiated under this program, has expanded significantly, demonstrating the strong demand for community support.

Our Peer Mentoring program is committed to supporting postgraduate students, helping them navigate their academic and personal challenges, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive university community. Join us and experience the difference that dedicated mentorship can make!
See the Guild Website for full results here. 

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