Exeter Student Guild Awards 2024

Postgraduate Student Experience Winners

Guild Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence at Exeter

The Guild Awards 2024 was a fantastic evening celebrating the exceptional contributions of students, societies, and student groups at Exeter. With an impressive 847 nominations, the judging process was challenging but highlighted many deserving winners.

Highlight: Postgraduate Experience Award

One of the standout moments of the evening was the recognition of the School of Education 'Buddy Up' Peer Mentors with the Postgraduate Experience Award. This award celebrates our significant efforts in enhancing the postgraduate experience at Exeter. Starting with a modest group of 10 students, our 'Buddy Up' scheme has grown to support 60 students, a testament to our commitment and proactive approach to fostering a sense of belonging and support within the postgraduate community.
Our innovative events and activities have been pivotal in creating a welcoming environment for postgraduate students. From hosting social gatherings to providing academic and pastoral guidance, we have ensured that every student feels valued and supported. The success of our program is reflected in this prestigious award, highlighting the positive impact we have made on the postgraduate experience at Exeter.

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